Henooh Commenting Guidelines

Commenting Guidelines

Commenting code is an important part of programming. Being a good software engineer requires not only producing working and efficient code, but also making his work understandable to others or his team in the future. Make sure to use XML documentation, since this is immediately picked up by Visual Studio and used by intellisense. The XML documentation is also picked up by Henooh Document Generator to produce online documentation.

Commenting in Henooh Framework is important. The way Henooh Framework is setup, comments in the code will generate related documentation. With combination of XML comments, Henooh Document Generator used in Henooh Framework generates online and offline documentation.

General Commenting Conventions set by .NET Framework.

Henooh Framework Commenting Guidelines.

Revision History.

If you are editing any code, you are required to add an entry to revision history with planned SA version. You should add date, solution archive version, current project version and description of changes.

Using Henooh Document Generator.