Henooh Desktop Application Projects

Introduction to Henooh Desktop Application Project

Last Updated on 2017-09-01

Henooh Desktop Application Project uses a common Base Window and consistant design model.

Types of Software Projects in Henooh

Desktop Application Projects

Software developed for Desktop Applications is designed to be used for desktop applications. Henooh Framework currently implements 4.5.2 Framework developing in WPF.

High level explaination of Henooh Desktop Application Design

Henooh Desktop Application Design is Henooh's way of implementing Desktop applications. Henooh Desktop Application is combination of four main components. [ProjectName]Window component is derived from HenoohWpfBase, which is a View. [ProjectName]Engine component is where logic of code is implemented, which is a Controller. [ProjectName]Bindings component is binding data that shows up in User Interface in real time. Henooh Application allows flexible design of data, either locally within application only, or implementing through Henooh Database Model. You can make your choice. Henooh Application suggest using Frames and Pages.

Steps of implementing Henooh Desktop Application Design

Henooh WPF MVC Framework Guidelines


    <Window x:Class="[ProjectName].[ProjectName]Window"
            Title="[ProjectName]" Height="350" Width="525">
                <ColumnDefinition />
                <ColumnDefinition Width="5" />
                <ColumnDefinition Width="5*" />
            <GridSplitter x:Name="gridSplitter" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" Grid.Column="1" />
            <StackPanel Margin="5">
                <Button x:Name="[ProjectNameMainFeature]Button" Content="[ProjectNameMainFeature]" Click="[ProjectNameMainFeature]Button_Click" />
                <Button x:Name="AboutHenoohButton" Content="About Henooh" Click="AboutHenoohButton_Click" />
            <Frame x:Name="MainFrame" Content="Frame" Grid.Column="2" Margin="5" />

Add a simple module.

Simple module is just the View and Controller.