Hobby Projects


Objective of this project is to emulate actual mouse and keyboard devices via software. Initially written in C/C++, eventually ported over to C#. Compiled as a direct link library, uses the interop protocols and hooks to emulate a physical mouse and keyboard devices. Documentation for this library is available at HenoohDeviceEmulatorDocumentation. The program is also downloadable through Nuget.org - Using Visual Studios Package Manager.

  • Control all aspects of a physical mouse and keyboard via software
  • Click, DoubleClick, MiddleClick, RightClick... etc (Mouse Button controls)
  • DragDrop, Move, MoveClick, AbsoluteMove... etc (Mouse Movement controls)
  • WheelUp, WheelDown (Mouse Wheel controls)
  • Press, PressDelay, Type, TypeString (String to Keyboard simulation & Keyboard Controls)
  • Moves mouse naturally in configurable dynamic speeds (Humanization)
  • Keyboard press times occurs naturally in configurable dynamic speeds (Humanization)
  • Available for download at Nuget.org
  • Full documentation available at HenoohDeviceEmulatorDocumentation


Henooh Color Identifier is a free color identification tool for people who want to simplify the process of identifying and determining names of colors, or obtain data related to a specific color.

  • Ability to capture color on screen
  • Press shift to capture the color in that pixel

Optical Character Recognition

As part of HenoohVision library, object of this project is to create Optical Character Recognition Engine, giving the computer an ability to recognize alpha numerical characters. Demonstrations show few features of Optical Character Recogition. This is one of my interesting projects, because instead of using template matching which is a standard method in optical character recognition engines, I wrote the code with my own shape recognition algorithms. Knowing that writing an OCR engine is a huge project, being able to create one I can use was a huge accomplishment for me. It was also a truely fun project since I wrote my own algorithms, involving lot of mathematics, such as trignometry and statistics.

  • Ability to read text from screenshot of games, or any text
  • Guess character via context, such as distinguishing I from l
  • Performs better than Binarization based OCR
  • Line and word detection
  • Character segmentation - with ability to split attached letter characters
  • Uses feature extraction

Henooh Vision (Computer Vision Library)

As part of HenoohVision library, object of this project is to create Computer Vision. Demonstrations show how objects can be define and constructed using HenoohObjects, and Computer Vision can detect different objects, determine what they are, count how many, etc. The possibilities are endless, but best demonstrated in a demo.

  • Ability to create description of objects
  • Detect location of objects
  • Detect general size and shape of objects
  • Demonstration shows counting M&M's by color
  • Uses C# Unsafe compile mode for fast processing
  • Demonstrate adapting code in to a reuseable library