HenoohVision is basically a computer vision library. HenoohVision provides methods for aquiring, processing and understanding images. Possibilities of computer vision is endless, and I am able to show a small demonstration of computer vision accomplished using HenoohVision.

Counting M&M's

Let's say I want to count how many M&M's are in a pack, and the colors. I write some code that describes the objects, using HenoohObject class, and using ObjectDetectionEngine, I count the number of M&M's. Here is the image I took from a pack of M&M's.

I now use HenoohVision to describe each of the objects, and filter out images

I run the program, and get the output. A simple program written with HenoohVision library counts the number of M&M's.

Using the HeenoohVision library, image detection is easy!

Example Coding Style

Using unsafe compile option (Direct access to memory), I am able to process multiple image files in fraction of a second.